Together We Green The Earth Policy


    • Wintech Infinity [M] Sdn.Bhd is committed to preserve environment
           (3R  COMMITTEE).
    • Comply with all applicable environments legal and other environment
    • Conserve the natural resources.
    • Continue to improve effectively the environmental management system.
    • Reduction of environmental pollution.
    • 3R-Recycle, Recover & Reuse of natural resources.
    • At Wintech Infinity [M] Sdn.Bhd, we aim to prevent environmental pollution by practicing best environmental management system for a healthier global world.

    Eco Tips


    • Tip 1:  When you’re in the market for a new computer, consider a laptop. It saves space, goes anywhere and uses five times less energy than desktop models.
    • Tip 2:  Start a program where you buy in bulk and share the extras with friends and family. All participants will save money, and reduce packaging and gas costs.
    • Tip 3:  Take your own reusable coffee mug each time you go get coffee. Think of all the paper cups you’ll prevent from ending up in landfills.
    • Tip 4:  The power of one: If every Malaysian home replace just one light bulb with an Energy Star bulb, we’d save  enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year.
    • Tip 5:  Unplug all electronic devices when not in use. If you don’t unplug them from the wall socket, they will continue using energy even when switched off.
    • Tip 6:  Use power strip to conserve. One flick of the switch cuts off energy to several different electronic devices-as if they were all unplugged at once.
    • Tip 7:  Buy recycled products.By buying recycled, you’ll consume 55% less energy for paper products, 33% less energy for glass and 90% less energy for aluminum.
    • Tip 8:  Can you figure out how to drive just 10 fewer miles per week this year? If so you’ll personally prevent 500lbs. Of CO2 from polluting the atmosphere.
    • Tip 9:  Give your car a tune-up. It improves mileage and reduces wear and pollution. Every 100,000 people who get a tune-up this year will eliminate 60 tons of CO2.
    • Tip10: Put green plants in your office,. Plants cheer the place up, improve air quality, absorb toxic gasses from office equipment and maintain humidity.
    • Tip11: Landscape with native plants. Native plants typically cost less, use less water, and are easier to care for. Plus, your yard will look right at home.
    • Tip12: Paying bills online saves time, postage and trees. If everyone switches to online banking, we’ll cut 1.6 billion tons of  waste and 2.1 million tons of CO2 a year.
    • Tip13: Install rain barrels to collect rainwater from your roof and awnings, Use the rainwater for your garden. Plants love it and you’ll conserve water.
    • Tip14: Wash your car at a commercial car wash instead of at home. A modern car wash uses less water and prevents oil and road grime from entering your drainage systems.
    • Tip15: Don’t leave your car idle. If you are stuck in traffic or the drive-thru lane, turn off your engine.Idling cars spew much of the 1.7 billion tons of annual auto emissions.
    • Tip16: Reuse cloth grocery bags. Over 500 billons petroleum-based plastic bags threaten wildlife, waste energy, pollute oceans and clog our landfills each  year.
    • Tip17: Save energy and increase the life of your computer by putting it on sleep mode during the day instead of using  screensavers. At night turn it off completely.
    • Tip18: Plant shade trees for your house. They will help keep your home cool in the hot weather, absorb CO2, look beautiful and invite birds and other wildlife.
    • Tip19:  Switching to CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) eliminates 300lbs. Of CO2 a year. If everyone switches to CFLs, that’s like eliminating 7 million cars from the road.
    • Tip20:  “Green Power” is renewable and comes from non-polluting sources such as wind and solar. Check with us to explore your options for it.


Eco Tips

  Green Facts

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